Evan Galbraith

I am a ...

Career Coach,
Entrepreneurship Coach,
Executive Coach,
Leadership Coach,
Performance Coach, and
Team Coach.


My location

Calgary, AB

My bio

Evan is a coach, facilitator and political campaigner, whose presence is one of calm energy, and patient bravery. He’s motivated by helping people define and become their best selves. He holds a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and is accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Evan offers his experiences of living across Canada and in the United Kingdom, shaping public policy in political offices, a demography-focused MSc from the London School of Economics, a transition into social enterprise through the London On Purpose leadership program, and the adventure of starting up Mountain Air Coaching and Purposeful Being.

To energize he hikes, camps, runs, plays soccer/football, reads, meditates, and dominates friends on the Risk board.

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
International Coaching Federation

My approach to coaching

My coaching is an exploration and intentional setting of vision, mindset, and actions. I slow you down, offer a judgement-free sounding board, draw out your core strengths and values, and help transform you into who you want to be and how you want to live so that you can maximize your impact.

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My ideal client

I work with people and teams:
* who want to be intentional about their impact
* who work in roles, teams, or industries that prioritize a purpose above maximized profits
* who are feeling stuck or misaligned
* who are navigating politics


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