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General Terms of Engagement

  • Clients review the coach members and connect with ICC for an introduction to the coach of their choice.
  • Coaches agree to provide a 30-60 min exploratory call with the referral to determine fit and pricing (hourly or package).
  • If agreement is reached from the referral from ICC, the Coach advises ICC, we bill the client for your agreed-upon fee and, upon receipt of payment, we pay you your fee, less 25%.
  • The 25% retained by ICC covers ICC operational expenses as well as time spent marketing, exploring, and submitting proposals, ICC promotion at conferences, speaker events, travel, etc.
  • All coaches agree to abide by the code of ethics and values of the ICF and treat their membership in the ICC as they would their own business.
  • Coaches are not employees of ICC and are expected to have their own insurance, business licenses, GST number, and submit their own taxes, as required by their province or state.
  • If a coach is registered and charging GST, ICC will charge the client, and submit the appropriate GST and payment to the coach, less the 25%.
  • By applying as a coach member on ICC, applicants agree to the above Terms of Engagement.

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