Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PhD

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Career Coach,
Executive Coach,
Leadership Coach,
Health and Wellness Coach,
and Retirement and Transition Coach.

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I’m a clinician-neuroscientist and academic who is passionate about expanding the work and health horizons for people in the middle and late stages of their careers. While working with the World Health Organization and serving as the Director and Founder of the Brain and Behavior Laboratory, I gained a deep understanding of how work contributes to our overall health and wellbeing. Just as our bodies and brains change over time, so can our values, priorities, and sense of purpose. As a result, career paths taken during our early stages of life might not no longer be sustainable or align with the goals and aspirations realized later in life.

Because work and health are social determinants of quality of life and healthy aging, I also work with leaders as a consultant and as a certified executive coach to promote healthy, accessible, multi-generational workplaces where people can flourish. I have ACC credentials with the International Coaching Federation and a Fellow of the McLean Institute of Coaching (an affiliate of Harvard Medical School) who loves helping people rewire and inspire!

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University


My approach to coaching

Because I’ve worked in healthcare and academia over the past 25 years, both collaborative types of work places, collaborative coaching is in my DNA. My approach is also influenced by my beliefs. I believe personal and professional fulfillments are intertwined, and as a neuroscientist, I understand how normal it is for our brains, bodies, and values to change/evolve over time. Accepting and embracing “change” isn’t always easy, which is why my approach to coaching is to address the “whole person,” with resilience and career longevity in mind. I help clients build resilience so they can work through mental blocks and organizational barriers to achieve their personal version of success.

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Dr. Tremblay offers rates on a sliding scale
to individuals and groups.
Please contact her for details.

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Every client is an ideal client because their story is unique. Any client who is looking to gear up, gear down, or explore new paths, is someone I want to support.


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