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Brigitte Boutin

I am a ...

Career Coach,
Executive Coach,
Leadership Coach,
Performance Coach,
and Retirement and Transition Coach.

My location

Victoria, BC
Virtually Anywhere

My bio

Experienced, dedicated, and innovative with 35 years’ experience in managing complex portfolios in the field of strategic finance and logistics, at home and internationally, I am a proven leader, team builder and astute manager regularly tested under the stress of operations around the globe. Now retired, I travel the world and continue coaching virtually when not at home. 

Proficient in both official languages and boasting strong interpersonal skills, I am passionate, respected for being honest, loyal and dedicated.  I also never shy away from some good and clean fun.

Over the years, I have realised that what feeds my soul is to help others find their own groove and reach their full potential. As a coach, I am your thinking partner, and I will support you by being of service to you on your discovery journey and celebrate your successes as if they were mine. Full disclosure: it will not always be a walk in the park. I will challenge you respectfully, test your assumptions and sometimes ask tough questions to help you discover new insights and expand your view of what is possible. 

Through coaching, you will enhance your clarity of what needs to change to operate at your full capacity with joy and ease. Coaching will also assists you in being clear about your personal and professional legacy. Coaching may also help you find clarity if you are at a major crossroad or decision point due to a life-changing event such as an illness or a death. I can help you reframe your human experience and your legacy.  

I choose to partner with you because you are curious and open to new possibilities.  You understand that where you stand today was created by your passed experiences and emotions. On the map of your life, you are standing on the “you are here” icon.  Together, we will create the space to design what your future could look like and the path to where you want to go.

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University


My approach to coaching

As your coach, I am your thinking partner who reminds you that you are powerful and capable of achieving your goals.

As your Coach, you can expect me to:

  • Be in full service to you and your objectives;
  • Provide a safe, encouraging and supportive environment;
  • Ask questions to help you discover new insights and expand your view of what is possible;
  • Listen intently and notice what energizes you;
  • Challenge you, respectfully, to test your assumptions, consider other perspectives and broaden your understanding of what may be some viable options;
  • Be your thinking partner to explore issues and develop options;
  • Work with you to gain clarity on your next steps;
  • Be an on-going resource for you in accomplishing your goals.

In all these areas you can count on me to maintain the strictest confidentiality and to adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics and values.

To make this coaching relationship most valuable and more productive, I ask that you:

  • Be an active partner in setting your overall objectives;
  • Protect the times set aside for coaching as times for you to reflect and discover what is of most importance to you;
  • To bring the specific topic you want to explore at each session;
  • To prepared a calm and safe space for discussion;
  • Reflect on and share the steps you have taken since the last session in terms of your learning;
  • Identify the areas that you are seeing progress in your priorities and those you don’t;
  • Be open to explore and identify what needs to change to meet your goals;
  • Reflect on the coaching session and take the actions you claimed for yourself;
  • Take ownership and accountability for your progress, commitments and accomplishments; and
  • Provide feedback to me on what is working, what is not working and how I can best support you.

By working with a coach, you are indicating that you are willing to do, and to be your best. This is a personal investment of who you are and who you are becoming.

I look forward to taking this coaching journey with you.

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My rates

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My ideal client

My perfect client is:
• Curious about themselves and what is possible;
• Willing and eager to change in the next few months;
• Eager to keep moving forward, getting better, and explore more of their potential;
• Interested in new ways of seeing themselves, things and other people;
• Able to recognise when things aren’t working as well as they could;
• Open to try new things, and push their boundaries;
• Excited as they ‘discover’ new things about themselves; new paths to explore;
• A seeker who wants to become and live as the best version of themselves;
• Honest and willing to share of themselves to optimize the trust with me as your coach;
• Respectful of all others, the Environment and Society.


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