Shelley Langille

I am a ...

Business Coach,
Career Coach,
Entrepreneurship Coach,
Executive Coach,
Leadership Coach,
Team Coach,
and Retirement and Transition Coach.

My location

Physically located in Victoria, BC
Virtually everywhere

My bio

I’m the founder and president of the International Coach Coalition (ICC) as well as SeeShell Consulting (SSC) and I’m pleased to welcome you to the ICC platform!

My goals? I’m passionate about giving back and believe in doing my part to help people, society, and the planet thrive, especially during times of disruption and challenges, be it through volunteer work or my coaching practice. Additionally, I’m inspired to help people recognize their gifts and potential, empowering organizations and teams to create supportive learning and employment environments, and building collaborative relationships with likeminded leaders.

My values are anchored in love, kindness, and fair play, and this foundation informs my coaching style. I encourage my clients to approach their personal and professional lives courageously. Through a genuine interest in their stories and objectives, I help others feel seen, heard, understood, and supported. Throughout the coaching partnership, my clients are inspired to see themselves/their vision more clearly and take action to their impossible future, possible.

I am a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) through Royal Roads University (RRU), a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ICF. In addition to my education and training, I possess more than twenty years experience in career coaching, leadership, change management, and business development, enabling me to understand you, your business, and the challenges you may face.

Having experienced the ups and downs through careers in three distinct industries, including going through job loss in each one and coming out successfully on the other side, I have the knowledge, empathy, understanding, and tools that help in a wide variety of challenges my clients face.
At my core, I am passionate about building relationships and helping people or organizations realize their potential, hold themselves capable and motivated to grow, thrive, and move forward with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
International Coaching Federation

My approach to coaching

My approach to coaching depends on what you, the client, need. My coaching success comes from a genuine interest in your story. You can count on our conversations consistently being based on psychological safety, showing up with an open heart and mind, curiosity, appreciative, humble inquiry, and always without judgement. Where the coaching leads is dictated by your goals and may include utilizing tools and resources that help you in the discovery process of recognizing your gifts, strengths, growing edges, and your unique path forward.

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My ideal client

Although I coach others, my heart work focuses on three areas:
* Helping people “let go after being let go”, including working through the emotions, exploring the path to healing, and discovering opportunities after job loss 
* Working with uniform members, first responders, and other leaders on their career advancement and transition goals 
* Serving and empowering people through career transitions or disruptions, or on their retirement journey
I can help you find your path to the above and more. Connect with me to book a complimentary discovery call.


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