Mike Braun

I am a ...

Business Coach,
Career Coach,
Leadership Coach,
Performance Coach,
and Team Coach.

My location

Encinitas, CA, USA

My bio

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”; ~Einstein

My passion for coaching dates back to my pre-professional days. Whether teaching English in Japan (JET Programme), coaching amateur triathletes or serving as a student liaison in grad school, I’ve been mentoring  and advising for years. The reason? I love to help people – I am at my best when motivating people to become their best.

Outside of the office, I’m committed to an active, outdoor lifestyle and travel. Born and raised in Canada, I’ve lived in 5 countries and traveled to 20+. I’ve spent most of the last 20 years in the US, but I planning to return to Canada in the new year. I’m conversant in Japanese (and speak a little Mandarin), and am always looking to brush up my language skills over a coffee and/or a glass of wine. As a student of improv, I believe that the first rule of improv (“Yes, and..”) should be applied in one’s daily life – especially within a work culture. Moreover, I believe in the power of improv to help facilitate coaching individuals and teams.

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University


My approach to coaching

My extensive corporate experience helps ensure a good fit and spirit of partnership with executives at all levels – enabling an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect that fosters an effective coaching relationship. I’ve experienced many of the same challenges as my clients – so I recognize the importance of the coaching work they take on. Clients appreciate my sincerity, integrity, and energy – and the humor I bring to the work.

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My rates

$200/ hour

My ideal client

I enjoy working with motivated individuals and organizations who are ready to look within to increase self-awareness and unlock their full potential. I believe that individuals and teams are at their best when they act from their authentic way of being – this is how lasting change is created.

When working with clients, I seek to facilitate 1) a detailed understanding of client goals for the coaching experience – and how success will be measured; 2) a high level of self-awareness – including core values and character strengths; 3) a clear perspective of what the client wishes to change; and 4) an action plan that will empower change, and make it part of the individual’s enduring capabilities.


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