Donna Richardson

I am a ...

Career Coach,
Leadership Coach,
and Retirement and Transition Coach.

My location

Edmonton, AB

My bio

I believe that we are each marvellously and uniquely made, and that we each have a purpose in life. It fills my cup to help others find alignment with their purpose, fulfill their potential and live a meaningful and significant life.

Following a long career in leadership positions in the post-secondary sector, I launched Yellow Dot Leadership Coaching Ltd. Coaching gives me the privilege of working with mid- to late-career leaders who want to finish
strong and have an enduring impact.

I hold a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and an Associate Certified Coach credential from the InternationalCoaching Federation. In addition, I have Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Education degrees, plus a Gold College Leadership Certificate from the University of Alberta. I am a certified practitioner of EQi 2.0 and EQi 360, andthe Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and recently earned a Certificate in Team Coaching.

Serving others is one of my core values (and one of my love languages), so I have gotten joy from my experiences as a mentor with Emerging HealthLeaders-Edmonton and the Women in Leadership Foundation. I am honoured to serve as a Leadership Partner to participants in the executive stream ofArrow Leadership programs.

My credentials

CEC (Certified Executive Coach)
Royal Roads University

ACC (Associate Certified Coach)
International Coaching Federation

Bachelor of Commerce,
University of Alberta

Master of Education,
University of Alberta

My approach to coaching

My role is to serve my clients as a catalyst and partner in their journey of selfdiscovery.
I like to tell my clients that it’s like I am walking alongside them as their discreet, non-judgemental, objective thought partner. They will set the agenda or determine the direction we will go. If they choose to go left, we will go left. Essentially, I am guided by the needs of the client.

Having said this, I do follow a process. As a Royal Roads University-trained coach
and someone who is accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I have a
toolkit that I use as I go through a conversation with a client. Together, we partner with each other to determine the issue, what an ideal future looks like, and what needs to change or happen; we acknowledge the possibilities that come with moving forward and co-creating an action plan. The client will set their overarching goal for the series of conversations that we have. In each session, I’ll help the client identify the goal or outcome or what they need to leave the conversation with.

In every session, we partner to move the needle so that my client is always moving towards their overarching goal.

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My rates

$175-$225 / hour

My ideal client

My ideal client is a mid- to late-career leader who long to live a purposeful life, finish strong and have an enduring impact. Either they are experiencing a gap—a feeling that something is missing or amiss—or they are ready to make a change; they are just not sure what it should look like or how to do it. They are ready to be more intentional about living their purpose.


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